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“Chefs” a male stripping cook-off show to delight audience across the U.S. this season

  • 27 February 2018
  • Author: Kelley Andrade
  • Number of views: 9126

The first show ever of its kind, “Chefs,” whips up a spicy recipe of a daring game of sexy strip poker with the intensity of a cook-off to bring to the stage a perfectly prepared hot time the audience won’t soon forget.

The show opened just after this Valentine’s Day and has traveled too six cities with more to come as the tour takes the show across the U.S. According to show writer and director Roslyn Hart, “The audience response has been overwhelmingly positive,” she said.

“To me cooking well and dancing well are the two sexiest things a man can do. Turns out a lot of other women feel that way too.”

“Chefs,” features a variety of five different male specimens to tantalize the appetite from start to finish. “Chef Patrick,” the host of the evening works to keep the night moving and audience engaged. Though “It took us about 6 months of development to put ‘Chefs’ together. We did a nationwide casting call for hot and hilarious performers who could dance and cook and held auditions back in January. We were so blessed to find these incredible men that are amazing on stage and in the kitchen,” said Hart.

Three chefs, all former strippers turned kitchen magicians, enter the stage with an ultimatum hanging over their heads, win the competition take home a hefty salary for the head chef position in one of Patrick’s legendary restaurants or go “Back to the Pole.”

The competition is won through a series of challenges with the winner able to choose the mystery ingredient for the next round and the two losers having to lose and article of clothing as the crowd yells “Take it off.”

Throughout the evening tasteful song choices are sound track to the cooking, dancing and romancing of the audience. Patrick engages the audience during each round and often brings on stage sous chefs, assistants and judges to taste the creation each chef prepares.

We wanted to create a show that was sexy and funny and totally different from the typical and cheesy girls’ night out experiences.”

 Even though it is a cooking show, it lacks the cheddar many other male reviews can sometimes fall into. This show is unique with a mix of charming humor, audience participation, and perfect song choice.

The evening closes with the desert round where the audience is treated to a grand finale dance of the chefs lead by Patrick, where even the adorable camera man, Charlie, gets in on the action as the crowd peels with delight.

It's the perfect night out for people who want something different! Because of the audience participation, it's a new show every time!”

For a sneak peek and tour dates check site: .

Tickets start at $25, and can be purchased at or at the box office.  Chefs Tour will perform on March 3, 2018 at the F.M. Kirby Center in Wilkes-Barre PA. 

Article by Kelley Andrade, covering music, entertainment and more in the Poconos.


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